Mark Thompson

For me, music, motor-sport and rugby keep me tuned in to life.
In particular I have a love for South African music.
In this crazy beloved country we have amazingly talented musicians who all deserve a break or some form of exposure for their art form.
They deserve to be heard as much as we deserve to hear and even see them. Our musicians are easily some of the best in the world which is why I tackled this radio project in the first place.
I am also honoured to have partnered with Andre who is a complete tech wizard and fellow DJ who shares my vision and passion for South African and local music.”  

Andre de Witt

I have always wanted to work or be part of a radio station so this opportunity with Mark and all his knowledge of Music, South African Music in particular, makes it worth the while. Setting up and playing around with all the technology is just a bonus.
The majority of people out there only listen to the mainstream music, I think the goal is to make more people listen and enjoy the quality of music we have in SA and not "American" music. If we can help do that and give artist more exposure it’s a win.  

Louis Smit

I come from a log background of paster and farmers and hairdressers. I grow up in a house where my mother and father listened to deferent genres of music. My dad introduced me to the best genre of music, ROCK AND ROLL. I studies sound engineering and I am currently a Berber. Acting, poetry and Live music is what I live for and putting that into the radio station is growing my love for Rock and Roll

Epic The scriptwriter

I have always had a love for music. I thought rap music was garbage until I was 12 years old but then i became a rapper. It has opened my eyes to different forms of music and went as far as performing at the SA hip-hop awards. I’m currently back to focusing all genres and appreciating them more but my shows will concentrate on “urban” music